Over The Tops COVID Clean Policy

Over The Top pandemic safety plan and Covid-19 policy is to keep our staff, clients and third parties we interface with virus-free.

It is our obligation to provide a safe, secure and virus-free work environment and will take all measures to ensure we operate in a professional and responsible way.  

As such we have put into place significant measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and continue to revise our Standard Operating Procedure throughout this unprecedented situation.  

Please let us know if you have a preference to fly with a fully vaccinated pilot.  

We are flexible with cancellations due to border closures/restrictions. Whether it be a credit for a future flight or a full refund, please contact us at your earliest convenience.  

Our Pilots and Staff are expected to adhere to Ministry of Health rules and regulations outside the work environment. 


• If you are feeling unwell or showing signs of the flu, please let us know prior to the arrival at our facilities   

• We have asked our team not to shake hands with visitors  

• Hand sanitiser is readily available at the departure lounge and in the aircraft  

• We have increased cleaning and sanitation measures with a particular focus on our aircraft interior and high traffic areas

• Signage, physical distancing or PPE may in place depending on the government alert level  

• If any member of our team is feeling unwell they will remain at home and if someone appears to be unwell while they are at work they will be asked to go home

Covid Clean Approved


Louisa, our Pilots, and all the Over The Top Ground Crew are United Against Covid-19 and proud to be Covid Clean Approved.

To find out more about COVID Clean, click here.