High Country Muster

High Country Muster

Fly over velvet, golden tussock lands and ford-braided, snow-fed rivers and hear of changing farming techniques and the secrets of merino wool. Share the history of the gold mining that took place on the property in the late 1800’s. See, feel and smell the 100-year-old ruins where families were raised and learn of the times of survival in the pursuit of instant wealth. Enjoy a healthy portion of rural New Zealand hospitality with a musterer’s lunch.

  • Allow 3.5 hours
  • Squirrel: $6,100 (5 – 6 passengers)

    Eurocopter: $8,000  (6 passengers)

    Twin Squirrel: $8,400 (6 passengers)

    BK117: $8,800 (9 passengers, or VIP 6 passenger seating)

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