Sustainability & Conservation

Few regions offer such diversity in terrain over such a compact distance, pure and unspoilt, as New Zealand’s South Island

Offering privacy and exclusivity, the spectacular change in geography and climate is most suited to the helicopter, both from a visual and safety perspective.

We’ll take you westward over magnificent alps clad in glacial blue ice, to lush Fiordland and the rugged West Coast. To the east, we’ll soar over rolling tussock to Dunedin’s eco-region, viewing albatross, penguins and fur seals, then south to Stewart Island to uncover
kiwis in their natural habitat.

The magic appears once you shut the helicopter down in these remote areas, when you get to smell the rainforest, hear the creaking glacier and feel the sand between your toes.

We’re committed to relationships with the Department of Conservation and private landowners to ensure your continued access to National Parks and remote areas throughout New Zealand.

We also want to say thank you. Flying with us enables Over The Top to continue its conservation, research and preservation projects.