Safety is Paramount. We encourage Safety feedback. Over The Top are proud recipients of National & International Aviation Safety Awards. We promote the use of the the "EYE IN THE SKY" cockpit data recorder.

Over The Top have implemented a Safety Management System, successfully meeting the requirements to be certified by the Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand’s State Safety Programme, an international standard developed and implemented by the International Civil Aviation Organisation.

Our Safety Management System is led by the senior management team in order to proactively identify and reduce all risks to a level that is as low as reasonably practicable, and its success lies in the commitment and personal responsibility demonstrated by all staff. We are committed to continuous improvement of our Safety Management System through the implementation of industry best practices and through regular, comprehensive internal and 3rd party audits.

All of our aircraft are equipped with TracPlus units that combine satellite tracking with text communication. This allows our ground crew to track the progress of each aircraft through real-time information pertaining to the location of each aircraft.  We also promote the use of the EYE IN THE SKY cockpit data recorder. 

All aircraft are maintained to the highest standard by Airwork NZ.

Our team of highly skilled pilots have extensive experience flying in the unique environments we operate in. All pilots participate in regular comprehensive training in all aspects of their roles, including being highly trained to read and understand the weather conditions in our alpine environments. Weather and flying conditions are constantly monitored to ensure the best, and safest experience for every flight, this means that if the conditions are looking unsuitable, we will investigate all options such as alternative flight routes or rescheduling.

As a result of this attention to safety, Over The Top is the only Queenstown company to have consistently been awarded the International Helicopter Operator Safety Award. In addition to international recognition, the NZHA (New Zealand Helicopter Association) has recently awarded Over The Top for its long-standing safety record.