FAQs About Over The Top Helicopters

Over The Top have been operating since 1986 and we are a Civil Aviation Approved Operator.

Our flying history dates back to 1976, this experience has given our pilots intimate knowledge of the special places and unique people within the region along with an ingrained respect for the local weather and mountainous terrain.

Over The Top are proud to hold landing concessions in Conservation Areas in New Zealand, Fiordland, Otago and Milford. We also have private and exclusive access to High Country Stations plus consented helipads at restaurants, wineries, private golf course and homes

We are the only company in Queenstown to offer a complete choice; the conventional Squirrel, the Eurocopter EC130 and a BK117 twin engine helicopter

Over The Top has been awarded the International Helicopter Operators Safety Award since 1999 when it begun, plus our pilots all have individual safety records

Now that would be telling. We remain discreet and say, Prime Ministers, Presidents, International Stars and You.

One of our favorites is the Milford Ultimate and it lives by its name. Or for a specialised itinerary reach out to us and we will create an Over The Top Extraordinary Helicopter Excursions just for you.