Majestic Milford Sounds

Our Milford Sound Helicopter tours will allow you to experience from the air the towering beauty of Mitre Peak. Fly over rainforests and waterfalls like Stirling and Bowen Falls and catch a glimpse of our native fauna fur seals, penguins and dolphins

Get ready to be in awe of the Milford Sound. The area is one of New Zealand's most beautiful destinations. Our Milford Sound flight from Queenstown are one of the most incredible ways of witnessing it for yourself.  Tours of Milford Sound by helicopter are perfectly suited to take in this diverse terrain, allowing you to witness the grandeur of this epic landscape. 

 This area is historically rich in 1770, Captain James Cook sailed past Milford, mapping this northernmost fiord as a bay. Fifty-three years later a sealer caught in a storm, thought they were to be tossed to their peril on the rocks of this charted ‘bay’ when they were blown into the undiscovered fiord.

The Fiordland National Park where Milford Sound sits is dominated by two main geographical features, the mountains and the sea, this creates an area of high rainfall which gives the region its unique character – rain forests, lakes, rivers, and waterfalls. You can witness amazing native wildlife - fur seal colonies, penguins and dusky dolphins playing in the fiords.  

The majestic fiords carved by the glaciers dominate the scenery until reaching the wild and windswept west coast and are best witnessed by the air to get a real sense of just how big and impressive they are. 

Choose an exclusive Milford Sounds helicopter tour of your choice, or share the experience with others (SWO). Alternatively, you can join us for an interpretative expedition.